my name is kouyou but i go by uruha and to everyone in the world i am a normal guitarist, but come nightfall everything changes.

i can be your worst nightmare, or the most amazing dream you have ever had. i can be your best friend or your enemy, and the less you know about me the better.

a vampire in immortal masters.

(this blog is a roleplay blog for immortal masters, though i will rp with any fandom from any group i am not against crossovers. the only thing i own is my creative imagination so if you see a graphic of yours and want me to take it down calmly contact me via inbox please.)

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The vampire couldn’t help but grin as his senses were overwhelmed with another of their kind, he hadn’t seen on around here lately and it felt good to actually know he wasn’t the only one left. “Kamijo is it? Well it is nice to meet you.” the blonde spoke in a soft tone, that grin never leaving his lips.

Headcanon I

While walking home through the forest late one night, Kouyou was attacked and bitten by an unknown vampire, only twenty-five years of age which at that time and date made him old. Only thinking it was some kind of bug bite or that he had fallen and hit his head, Kouyou made his way home only to find out the next morning that a bug bite was the furthest thing from what had actually happened.

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Name: Kouyou Takashima

Age: Unknown (probably around six hundred)

Body type: Slender with little muscle shown to trick his victims into thinking he is weak, slightly pale with a light tan, most of his strength is in his legs because he likes to run but don’t mistake him for a weakling because he will surely surprise you. 

Eye color: Amber (when full) Crimson (when hungry)

Personality: His personality really depends on how he is feeling that day, normally he is sweet he isn’t one of those hardcore bad ass vampires only out to kill and take what is his. Though when he has made a claim on his pet he will vehemently protect and watch over them, any vampire with common sense would be able to notice his claim on his human though. 

He can be cold and angry when provoked by another vampire, or being taunted by a human though he won’t waste energy on a human because he could easily snap their neck if he wanted. 

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